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Persona® Contraceptive Monitor is an easy-to-use natural method of contraception. Women are only fertile for a few days each month, so on most days there is no need to use a contraceptive. By monitoring personal hormone levels, Persona® Contraception Monitor can identify the times when women have the freedom to have sexual intercourse without a contraceptive.*

Persona® Contraception Monitor offers women the choice of a natural method of contraception, working in harmony with their bodies. It works non-invasively by monitoring hormone levels in urine. This method of contraception is ideally suited for women in stable relationships who intend to have children in the future and who have regular cycles between 23 and 35 days in length.

Persona® Contraception Monitor consists of a small hand-held monitor and simple, disposable urine test sticks. The Test Sticks collect hormones from your first urine of the day and process them into information that can be read by the Monitor. The Monitor then reads, stores and uses this information to let you know whether you are at risk of becoming pregnant ('Red' Day) or free to have intercourse without a contraceptive* ('Green' Day).

In some countries an upgraded Persona® Contraception Monitor is available that features an innovative design and simple touch-screen display. The on-screen instructions guide the user through the settings and everyday use and her contraceptive status (“Red” or “Green” days) are clearly displayed every day on the screen. Information on her current cycle and the last six cycles can be clearly displayed on the screen.

*Based on independent trials, Persona® is 94% effective when used according to instructions and as the only method of contraception. This means that if 100 women use Persona® for one year, six are expected to become pregnant as a result of Persona® incorrectly identifying their fertile days.

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