Clearblue(R) Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator innovative, pioneering, global, caring, reliable

SPD Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD) is a world leader in the research, design and supply of advanced consumer diagnostic products. Our brands, such as Clearblue® and Persona®, are familiar in many countries, trusted for their accuracy and simplicity by women keen to know more about their own reproductive health. SPD brands are acclaimed for their pioneering innovation: Clearblue® was the first brand to introduce a one-step pregnancy test, a one minute test, a urine sample indicator, digitally displayed results and a Weeks Indicator feature.

At SPD we are committed to advancing personal health and well-being, and answering the needs of our consumers, through a continuing flow of new and inventive products. Our research centre is at the cutting edge of innovation, and is fully engaged in the development of reliable diagnostic products to enable better health and personal self-care.